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Kathleen Anderson, Ph.D.


No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her infancy would have supposed her born to be an heroine. 

Northanger Abbey


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I am a lover of all things beautiful.  I find beauty and inspiration for my writing in literature, the arts, nature, and people.  Real and imagined heroines help me to learn how to live.   


My latest book is the culmination of twenty years of studying Elizabeth Bennet, Emma, Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, Fanny Price, Catherine Morland, and Anne Elliot.  I hope you enjoy JANE AUSTEN’S WOMEN: AN INTRODUCTION.

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Book cover: Jane Austen's Women

From SUNY website:


An original critical introduction to women characters in the novels of Jane Austen.

Why does Jane Austen “mania” continue unabated in a postmodern world? How does the brilliant Regency novelist speak so personally to today’s women that they view her as their best friend? Jane Austen’s Women answers these questions by exploring Austen’s affirming yet challenging vision of both who her dynamic female characters are, and who they become. This important new work analyzes the heroines’ relationships to body, mind, spirit, environment, and society. 

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Book Cover: Jane Austen's Guide to Thrift
Book Cover: Unrooted Childhoods




gmail: dr.kathleenanderson

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